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General Info

My name is Martin Poláček and I work as graphic designer. I do various things such as illustrations, prints, art direction, web design etc. I live in Prague, I have kids, I love my job.


Various tasks need various visual language. Finding it is my speciality! Every task is unique, so must be the used visual language. I like to switch between techniques and styles. I always use techniques that suit the project. And if they suit well, I feel I did a good job.


The biggest projects I worked on had global success. Approximately 100 000 000 people in total have seen my work. Each project of Madfinger Games has several million of downloads and several million of users. The character of the business is strictly commercial but that doesn’t mean that the graphic design has to suck.

On the other hand, making complex corporate identities or illustrations for various clients is also fun. I made various corporate identities for International school of Prague or Zdeněk Bakala Foundation and illustrations for Budweiser Beer.

Last but not least, I love working on cultural projects. It is not always paid well but the free space for creativity is priceless. Logos, posters and campaign visuals are always fun to do. My clients like Aerofilms, Hypermarket film, Experimental Space NoD or Theater Novogo Fronta are my contacts of reference.

What I Do

Logos, corporate identity and various campaign visuals are projects which I do most often. Every opportunity to create and design a website is more than welcome. After all, what is an identity without a proper online treatment nowadays? Other than that, in the past I also worked on packaging, app GUI and many other print and online tasks.

Selected clients

Selected clients