Various tasks need various visual languages. Finding it is my speciality.

Yard is living

Holidays are here. So are special events of the Kino Aero yard. Beach party, tango, bazaar, chess and much more. Just come and play!

Duke of Burgundy

The movie is something like a softcore psychological S / M. There are butterflies, secret pleasures and gentle exploits. As for the producer of the movie, he “…gladly approved the visual”.

Girl walks home alone in the night

Delicate work for the USA / Iranian Western / Vampire Horror / Lovestory movie. Yeah and there are also skateboards!


Jana Holoubkova is great interior designer. She can create a lovable flat even from a cardboard box. It was a pleasure to make this soft, gentle identity.


Janka and Saša are very skilled designers and stylists. They had name but neither a logo, nor a website or identity. So we created it!

My Mime

Mimes have festivals too, you know. This one with very explicit, mostly typographic logo.