Various tasks need various visual languages. Finding it is my speciality.

Prague Spring 2018

Working on visuals for Prague Spring is a dream coming true. The phenomenal music festival, creative freedom and always positive feedback. Making all 27 insect-based creatures was pure joy. New forms, unknown combinations, adventure and exploration of magic musical species. Concept Musica Magica ends next year with the last trip to the land of a magical world of classical music. Done for Dynamo design.

Aero 20

My favourite movie theatre is this 20-year-old one. Celebrations were wild and I have once again had the chance to make something unusual. There are celebrities on the key visual... but you know they each have their own reason for not attending.. It was fun anyway).


Corporate identity for a town of Nymburk was quite an interesting task. In fact, identities for cities always are. One must come up with a solution which will respect history and also future aspirations and needs. In this case, logotype mimics the look of historical city rampant. A slight change in upper serif of letter N pays tribute to the history and still makes logotype minimalistic and modern. Done with Colmo.

Firkusny festival

Visual identity of Firkusny piano festival intentionally refers to his older brother Prague spring. But unlike Prague spring Firkusny is more abstract. Structures are more like building blocks, cells and microscopic details of magical creatures.

Jack Reacher audiobook

Jack Reacher books are phenomenal, in terms of commercial success. So, when an audiobook publisher OneHotBook decided to make a design based solely on typography I say great. The design is stylish, yet utilitarian like Jack Reacher himself. And on top of that, it is ready for all 20 other audiobooks that will come with just a change of colour.


The concept behind Atelier cocktail & bistro is to make a unique combination of food with drinks. Milan is a superb bartender and Jakub is a cook, who worked in Michelin restaurants. The results are exceptional and always inspiring, special and full of unknown experiences. This is mirroring in visual style. Strange yet familiar shapes of typography say it all - you are entering the world of fantasy.

The White World According to Daliborek

One of the most influential Czech movies of 2017 is a portrait of a lost neo-nazi man. The movie is a hell of the ride through a bizarre periphery of the Czech Republic and even a weirder family. Typography is moved exactly by 18 degrees. Daliborek is a neo-nazi, 18 is a cryptogram for Adolf Hitler and in Daliborek's world, is the typography straight. Only we see it turned.

Happiest day of Olli Maki

Poster for this movie should have a touch of purity of the new wave cinema movement. So I decided to use solely typography and a few special graphic elements. The outcome is as light, fragile and pure as this Finnish movie itself.

Prague Spring 2017

The prestigious festival of classical music with great history and a wonderful event for every music-lover. This is Prague Spring. It was my great honour and actually a dream job came true that I won the competition with my concept called Musica Magica. The main theme are fantastic musical creatures from long forgotten manuscripts. Can´t wait for next two years, with new and completely different creatures! Done for Dynamo Design.

Home Credit

The logo for Home Credit, a global financial institution, was made by Dynamo Design and I am the direct co-author. The main task was to create a logo understandable on every continent, in every context and every culture. I think, we did great job.


Too sad that the famous director Stanley Kubrick made only 13 movies. Lucky for me, it wasn' t too many so I could make a poster for every single movie at the Kubrick Festival in Kino Aero. Each iconic movie has its own iconic visual.

Hristina Georgievska

Rather small but a very stylish web for the Prague-based make-up artist Hristina Georgievska. There is no use for opulent or pompous graphic design when you have such gorgeous fashion photos. The outcome is clean and easy to use. Done in collaboration with Toman Design.

Scope 100

People are choosing movies for various reasons. Scope is a European program that lets you choose. This year’s visual is simple. It’s based on the best phrases you can find in popular reviews. My favourite is: I expected something else.

Shadowgun Legends

My pleasure to create yet another logo for the awesome Czech mobile games developer Madfinger Games. A new big hit will be the cooperative 3D fps. The logo is a sign for elite warriors and obviously has a hardcore feeling.


The movie Reality by Quentin Dupieux (Mr. Oizo) got its own visual design. The movie itself is like a dream inside a mirror maze. The process of making this visual identity was pure joy and the outcome made my day... or a month, actually. God bless projects like this!

Quizz night

Well, this is what I like about graphic design. Minimalism, a little tweak here and there, futura and voila, logo for the quizz night is born!

Soffa magazine

Illustrations for Soffa magazine #13 depicts 6 Czech world-class scientists. They made our lives better, yet we tend to worship popstars, actors and bodybuilders. In my work, I tried to give the scientists a chance to become bad-ass heroes and legends themselves.

Alred hitchcock Presents

I love Hitchcock movies. Therefore, the visual for the showcase of his movies is a homage to his art of suspense. Once you know the treat, you can feel and enjoy the chill.

Woody Allen Festival

We all know that Woody is the ultimate lover who gets all the best girls. In his own movies. So, this visual is only saying out loud what we already know. And of course, happy 80th birthday Mr. WA!

Scope 100

100 registered users are chosen to help pick up new European movies into Czech distribution. 5 or 0 strars is the basic voting symbol, comprehended for everyone. And it should be for everyone.

Pes fest

A little but cute film festival with dogs and for dogs. Visual is simple and typographic. Every dog has his own sound.

Brabenec´s Evangelium

Poster for a documentary about the legend of the Czech underground. No style, just rough brush and an old, old passport photo. Just like I imagine that Vráťa Brabenec would do it.

Prague Movie Summer

Summer Prague, heat and Carry Grant on a desert. He is running to the cinema theater, of course. Run Carry run.


Madfinger Games are the best if you want to play 3D shooting mayhem on your mobile. Genre is something like NY zombie mayhem… And so, the logo is glossy, sharp and cool.

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